Reasons For Getting Dumped

Being dumped is not pleasant for anyone and with each relationship it is different because there are many reasons for getting dumped. Sometimes couples just don’t get along, sometimes, there is infidelity, and sometimes there is one or both parts of a couple just aren’t ready for commitment. What ever the reason for the break up, there are certain ways of getting over being dumped.

Sometimes in a relationship the two just do not get along. This can happen when there is change in the dynamic of the relationship like the couple starts to grow apart. Also, opposites often physically attract, but it is often very hard for them to get along in other aspects of their lives. This often leads to arguing, which can be a huge strain on the relationship, causing negative feelings to arise. These feelings are often the cause of one person just tiring of being in the relationship.

One other reason for getting dumped is that one or the other parts of a couple are cheating. The person may be cheating and get caught, thus getting dumped. Or the person may be cheating and just decide to dump one person and leave them for the person they are cheating with. Either way infidelity plays a large part in the break up of relationships. This is one of the hardest types of break ups to go through because it links self esteem and being dumped very strongly. When someone is cheated on, they have a tendency to begin to feel like they aren’t worth anything. This is a very difficult feeling to move past.

One more reason that someone might have the misfortune of being dumped is that one or both parts of a couple just are not ready for commitment. This happens especially between younger couples. One party of the relationship may be gung ho about the relationship and the other just isn’t interested in settling down. If this happens and the serious one doesn’t see the relationship going anywhere, many times they will dump the other person because they are looking specifically for something serious and they will not find it there with that person. Also sometimes people who are not committed move from relationship to relationship restlessly, also a cause for a break up.

No matter what causes a relationship to break up, it is a painful experience that you must get past. This is something that will not happen overnight. Time is definitely the way to heal this type of pain. While you may wish that you could be immune to a broken heart, few of us rarely are. The reasons for getting dumped may be different, but the end result is the same: for awhile you must be hurt by such a break up, then you move on with your life to bigger and better things.