Healthy Ways to Get Over Being Dumped

So this is it; the relationship is over and you've been officially dumped. A good relationship gone bad. Not a good feeling is it? Something that may or may not make you feel better is that ALMOST everyone has gone through the same horrible pain of rejection that you are feeling right now. Despite popular belief, if taken with caution, care, and a few healthy tricks, being dumped does not have to be an altogether bad thing. There are many ways to help yourself move on after a bad break up that are healthy ways to deal with unavoidable pain. These getting over a break up tips are not just for women, they are applicable to both sexes.

First up is do not stay stuck in the past. You may be tempted to dissect and overanalyze every single thing that went wrong during the relationship. While it is a good thing to accept your mistakes and try not to make the same ones in the future, know also that continuously blaming yourself and trying to figure out how you could have done better is not productive and not healthy. The best thing is just to move forward with your life without dwelling too heavily on the past. Accepting your shortcomings is one thing; dwelling on them is another.

Another good way to start the healing process is to be with yourself alone for awhile. This does not mean to shut out friends and family who care about you. It simply means to allow yourself some reflective time to be able to learn what you want out of another mate, out of life. Moving on also includes getting to know you and straightening out your goals and priorities. You may also choose to use this reflective time to take a vacation or go on a retreat. However you decide to reflect, taking time out for yourself is always a good idea to help you move on from a broken relationship in a healthy manner.

Don't rebound. One of the worst mistakes you can make after getting dumped is to rebound with another person. The ultimate goal of getting over a relationship is indeed the goal for getting over a break up. However, just jumping into a new relationship with a new person means almost certain disaster for both you and the other party. This goes along with taking some time to get to know yourself. Almost always after a break up, you need time to get your own affairs and feelings in order before you will be able to concentrate on the needs, wants, and desires of another person.

While there is no reason to be happy over a break up, there is certainly a way to benefit. If you were not meant to be with the person, it's better that the relationship is over. Getting over being dumped can be a difficult task most definitely, but it can be done and you can be all the stronger for it. Don't let a break up defeat you; defeat the break up by allowing your inner strength to come through. Above all, don't ever forget that the primary focus of recovering after a break up is that you are worth something. Don't ever forget that you are something special.